This DEAP product is a comprehensive guide to develop and maintain your Approved Arrangement or Food Safety Plan.

What is the 'Dairy Export Assurance Program' or 'DEAP'?

The Dairy Export Assurance Program (DEAP), is a collaborative initiative in partnership with Dairy Australia and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

A central plank of the program is to be delivered in close partnership with dairy industry participants. A core  goal is to enhance export opportunity for the dairy industry. It will achieve this through raising export awareness, building capability, streamlining audit arrangements and reducing regulatory burden whilst providing higher levels of system assurance through the use of technology.

The program features four interconnected projects;

  1. Project One aims to identify knowledge gaps and regulatory hurdles faced by dairy manufacturers in their export journey, then develop resources to improve their capability and capacity to become dairy exporters.
  2. Project Two focuses on working with industry to align food safety in regulatory and commercial assurance programs.
  3. Project Three aims to investigate opportunities to reduce regulatory intervention, through improved data collection.
  4. Project Four focuses on how automation and digital solutions may be applied to the current export process,  with the aim of streamlining the export certification process to reduce time constraints for exporters.

This Dairy Export Registration Manual (DERM) has been developed under Project One of the program. 

It is a tool, designed to assist new and existing dairy manufacturers, building capability, knowledge and understanding of the requirements to become export eligible.

The DERM achieves this goal by breaking down each auditable element, providing practical examples, scenario based self-assessment questions and additional external resources, broadening your food safety understanding when developing your Approved Arrangement (food safety plan).

The DERM development team encourage you to explore this comprehensive resource, to uncover its full potential and capability, to assist you in achieving your goal to become an export registered establishment.

If you have any queries about the DERM or the Approved Arrangement, please reach out to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s, Export Facilitator Service.